DONIC player Kou Lei (Ukraine)

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Hello Kou Lei, how are you. What are you doing at the moment ?

I´m in China yet. So at this moment I play china 2rd league .

What are you goals for coming season ?

Next season I hope to help my new club to win the polish league .
With national team I hope to play well at European Championships in Alicante .

Which rubbers and blades are you using at the moment ?

Rubbers I use DONIC Bluefire M1 Turbo
Blades I use DONIC Ovtcharov No. 1

Hello Patti, how are you. What are you doing at the moment ?  

I’m fine. Next week I´ll play Korea Open and I´m planning to play Czech Open next month, too. 11th of August I will take part at Sport Schreiner / Donic summer festival in Völklingen.

What are you goals for coming season ?

My main goal is to play and perform successfully with my new club Pontoise in Pro A and also at ITTF Pro Tour events.

And how about your goals with Donic TTBL team Pontoise ?

End of September new Pro A season will start. We want to be successful with complete team in the French league and also in Champions League.

Which rubbers and blades are you using at the moment ?

I play DONIC Bluefire M1 forehand and backhand side and DONIC Baum Esprit blade.

Thanks Patti, and good luck for coming season !

Short Interview with DONIC player Joao Geraldo !

Hello Joao, how are you. What are you doing at the moment ?

Concerning next season I am changing league (from Ochsenhausen/Germany to Angers/France) and I am changing my place of practice.
Therefore I am in Portugal now, having some vacation and organizing my life to start to practice in the national center in Portugal.

What are you goals for coming season ?

After two tough seasons all I want now is to continue practice hard in the national center in Portugal and to play and perform for my new club (Angers) in Pro A which I am sure it will help also to make better results in international competitions.
A goal that I am chasing is definitely to reach the Top 50 in the world ranking !

And how about Donic team Angers ? What are your goals in Pro A and Champions League ?

Regarding Champions League would be good to pass the group as 1st or 2nd.
About Pro A, Angers is a club that always fights for the highest positions, so I will play for that !

Which rubbers and blades are you using at the moment ?

At the moment I am testing the new DONIC Ovtcharov No 1 blade. And rubbers DONIC Bluestorm Z1 both sides !

Thanks Joao, and good luck for coming season !

DONIC Team Gazproma Orenburg with TT-legends Dima Ovtcharov,
Jun Mizutani und
Vladimir Samsonov celebrates Russian Championship 2018 !

DONIC entered into a four years sponsorship agreement with the Ukraine National Team.

DONIC further sponsors Kou Lei (WR no. 26) and leader of the Ukrainian team.

Welcome to the DONIC team.

Ovtcharov’s victory parade

The German Open, said the director of the World-Tour Karl Jindrak, would be the flagship of the tour. The event, hold with perfect equipment supplied by the traditional brand DONIC, was also this time in Magdeburg a big success again, especially for Dimitrij Ovtcharov. The 29-year old DONIC star showed his most perfect performance ever and finished the event like he had done three weeks ago at the World Cup in the nearly sold-out GETEC arena: By winning the final over Timo Boll.

„That might have been my strongest World Tour title at all”, he explained afterwards”, with a complete full field: All Chinese players were present, except Ma Long. I’ve won against Yan An, against Wong Chun Ting, against Fan Zhendong and in the final against Timo. All of them were such difficult opponents!”

For months already DONIC star Dima has been riding on a wave of success. “I think, I’ve played about eight, nine tournaments this year – and only two of them I didn’t win: The Qatar Open and the World Championships”, he explained. And with every victory, I’ve gained new self-confidence. Meanwhile it has been that much so Ovtcharov even could withstand the strong nervous strain against Fan Zhendong, where he couldn’t take advantage of two match balls, then defended two match balls of the Chinese and finally took advantage of his own. With his special trademark, a very hard backhand, Dimitrij Ovtcharov made the point in the final set at 15:13 and made his dream come true. Never before he had won against the Chinese, the victory against Fan Zhendong had been “a great experience”, explained Ovtcharov. I’ve played my best table tennis ever. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had any chance against such a brilliant, fast player.”

Considering this all overwhelming success against number two in the world, Ovtcharov’s other winnings in Magdeburg seemed to be natural, but they hadn’t been at all natural. The 4:3 success in the final against Timo Ball was already Dima’s third one against his friend in this year – and that although Boll is in excellent shape at the moment.

The 4:2 in the quarter final against Wong Chun Ting (Hong Kong), at least number 12 in the world, the fans had definitely expected in Magdeburg, as one round before Dima had presented such an impressive might demonstration so that they got the impression: Being in such a shape, almost nobody won’t be able to win against Ovtchrov.

2017 has been the best year ever in his career so far, but it hasn’t been over yet. DONIC star Dima has still a lot of plans – and his focus is on his next aim. In the middle of December, the World Tour Grand Finals are taking place in Astana (Kazakhstan). “If I reach the semi-final there, I will be able to become number one of the world ranking list in January.” That would be a very special highlight then, he said.

In the recent weeks he had already implied and in Magdeburg he finally has impressively proved it: For this Dimitrij Ovtcharov, everything is possible.


Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Timo Boll GER 4:3 (-9,5,9,-6,7,-7,6)


Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Fan Zhendong CHN 4:3 (11,7,-7,-3,9,-8,13)

Quarter final

Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Wong Chun Ting HKG 4:2 (1,-5,5,-7,4,3)

Round of the best sixteen

Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Yan An CHN 4:0 (8,8,5,6)

First round

Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Bence Majoros HUN 4:1 (7,-13,5,3,10)


DONIC is table supplier of the German Open 2017


Waiting for China and Japan


It’s the last highlight of this table tennis year and after the WTTC in Düsseldorf the second highlight in 2017 on German ground: The German Open which will be held in the GETEC-Arena Magdeburg/Germany from 7th – 12th November 2017 were like a little World Championship considering the top players during the recent years.


Only five tournaments in the frame of the World Tour are categorized as platinum events and two of them in Europe: The Austrian Open and the German Open. Both events have in common that guarantee highest level concerning prize money, organization and playing conditions: 210.000 US Dollars prize money, an outstanding organization and perfect playing conditions shall be responsible that the top stars will be present in Magdeburg. For this purpose, they will be playing on DONIC Delhi 25 tables as already at the Austrian Open in Linz.


Official deadline for registration was on 8th October and it is clear that DONIC stars like Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Patrick Baum and Li Ping (Qatar) will be present. Players from South Korea, Taiwan, Sweden and various other nations have also registered and in these cases the absolute top players will take part. Lee Sang Su and Jeoung Young Sik from Korea, Chuang Chi-Yuan and Chen Chien-An from Taiwan, Kristian Karlsson, Pär Gerell and Anton Källberg from Sweden – the list is very long and has got some imposing names on it, but it will be even more impressive because it is not yet clear which players from Japan and China will come to Magdeburg. However, it is without question that also these two top nations will send top players and already now the fans can be looking forward to the event: The German Open will be the highlight of the table tennis year and DONIC asks to come to the table.





Top performances for 10 years already – thanks to DONIC


What? The Austrian Open 2017

When? From 9th to 13th November

Where? In Linz/Austria!


Traditionally there are a lot of top players at the Austrian Open, one of the most popular tournaments in the frame of the World Tour. As usually there are also stars from China, the list of prominent winners is long and full of illustrious names, among them Chen Qi, Timo Boll and Ma Long.


Such a big tournament, however, is also a logistic challenge. With probably 50 participating nations and about 340 starters, the Austrian Open 2017 will be one of the biggest international Championships worldwide. About 820 matches will be hold at the 5 days of the tournament, where they play about 70.000 points. At least 14 international TV stations will report about this event open, among them also the Chinese national broadcasting company CCTV, which broadcasts the finals live.

All that represents highest requirements – not only to the athletes and organizers but also to the equipment. Behind the success of the Austrian Open which will be hold for the 49th time there is also a German name: DONIC. For ten years now, the German traditional company has been the equipment supplier of the Austrian Open and thus has offered first-class playing conditions. The stars honor these efforts and focus on best quality and perfect conditions. And in 2017 they can rely on that again, when from 9th to 13th November the new title holder will be determined. 26 Delhi 25 tables as well as two especially designed Show Court tables for the Austrian Open are the ideal conditions for world-class table tennis. 51 arbitrators from 18 countries work with DONIC scorers and at DONIC umpire tables.

In a fast-moving modern world where partnerships in sports rarely last long, ten years mean an eternity. Relationships that last that long aren’t only based on initial enthusiasm, but also on reliability, on confidence in the partner, on the awareness of his skills and a good feeling.

Welcome to DONIC.

The living legends

Legends among themselves: At the next event in the frame of the ITTF legends tour, former and current heroes meet on 28th April in the French Metz. Jiang Jialiang, world champion in single competition from 1985 and ’87 as well as head of the legendary Chinese team which had only been dethroned by the Swedes at the World Championships 1989 in Dortmund, will meet among others also their companions Jörgen Persson and Jörg Roßkopf again. DONIC star Persson who won with Sweden his first gold medal at the World Championships 1989, became not only world champion in team competition, but also in single competition; Roßkopf, 1989 world champion in double competition with Steffen Fetzner, won the gold medal in single competition at the European Championships 1992. His opponent in the final at that time, Jean-Michel Saive became later number one of the world ranking list –the Belgium player will be present in Metz, too. Finally, the field will be completed by the long-time French national players Christophe Legout and Panagiotis Gionis. The Greek, still one of the best defensive players world-wide used to play in the French first league club in Metz and therefore got a wild card for this event.

For years DONIC has already supported the legends tour and that’s perfect. Not only because the stars guarantee optimum playing conditions, but also as DONIC has been the equipment supplier for some of the table tennis legends during their whole career. For example, the Swede Jan-Ove Waldner, Mikael Appelgren and Jörgen Persson. Also, Europe’s current number one, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, has trusted in the German traditional brand since his childhood. Maybe one day we might see him on a Legends Tour, too.

DONIC makes legends.

Only the best is good enough

There are only six months left, then the Luxembourg Table Tennis Federation (FLTT) will experience that event which they have feverishly aimed at for months. The continental highlight of the year, the European Team Championships will take place in Luxembourg for the first time. “It’s an honour for such a small association to organize the biggest and most prestigious table tennis competition in Europe”, says FLTT president André Hartmann. For his association as well as for the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) the best is only good enough: They play with Nittaku Premium 40+ balls and on DONIC Delhi 25 tables. For many years already the traditional company from the Saarland/Germany stands for superior quality. Numerous World and European Championships have already been hold on DONIC Delhi 25 tables.

At the European Team Championships which take place from 13 to 17 September in the “Coque” arena, they play on 16 tables. Three of these 16 tables are show court tables. One of these three tables is the TV court and reserved for live broadcasting on TV. Various TV channels (among others Eurosport and RTL) broadcast the competitions; and on the internet the event will be broadcasted via livestream during the whole five days.

In Luxembourg, they eagerly await the event: More than 6 months before the opening of the event, 200 volunteers had already registered. “For me the high number of volunteers is of course an absolutely positive signal, “says André Hartmann. “Luxembourg is prepared.”

And DONIC asks to the table.

Kirill Gerassimenko is at a training camp in Bejing preparing for coming season ! He´s using DONIC Ovtcharov True Carbon blade, DONIC Bluestorm Z1 on forehand side and DONIC Bluefire M1 on backhand side.

Hello Jakub, how are you. What are you doing at the moment ?

I’m good! Actually I am in training camp in China right now. Regarding tournaments I will play now Korea Open and Australian Open and after that I will come back to Ochsenhausen to start to prepare for Bundesliga.

What are you goals for coming season ?

Last season was not as I expected so in upcoming season I would like to compete in more tournaments and come back to Top 50 in the World Ranking. I’m looking forward for European Games in 2019 as well.

And how about your goals with Donic TTBL team Ochsenhausen and Polish National team?

In Last season with Ochsenhausen we lost in the final against Düsseldorf of TTBL so in this season we will fight to win the Title.

With Polish Team we are fighting to qualify for European Team Championships.

Which rubbers and blades are you using at the moment ?

Rubbers - DONIC Bluefire M1 (both)
Blade - DONIC Dyjas Ultra Power

Thanks Jakub, and good luck for coming season !

Veteran World Championships 2018

Jörgen Persson, Champion of all classes

This title was the only one that was missing, but finally that’s done now, too. Jörgen Persson, Single World Champion 1991, Team World Champion 1989, ’91, ’93 and 2000 has never been World Champion in Men’s Double before. Until just a few days ago. However, it has changed now. At the Veteran World Championships in Las Vegas the DONIC star, together with his long-time companion Erik Lindh, won the double competition and also the singles title – both titles in the age group over 50.

A matter of course? Definitely not. Veteran World Championships still are a gigantic mass sports event – in Las Vegas there were more than 4.000 participants, among them 400 players in class over 50 -, but there are more and more former international players. In the final of the single competitions Persson had to break hard resistance: The long-time Belgium national player Andras Podpinka seemed to be without any chance for two sets, and Jörgen Persson already considered himself safe, but then nearly the whole thing would have gone wrong. “After the first two sets, I thought: no problem”, said the Swede, “but then problems came up.” In the decisive fifth round Persson was leading 5:2 at the side change, but then he was 5:8 and 7:9 behind. “That was close”, he admitted after a 12:10 success. “Podpinka has also told me that he still plays every day.” The Belgian had won over the Danish ex-national player Alan Bentsen with 3:0 who is still playing in the Danish first league. Jörgen Persson won over the Russian Aleksandr Savelev who had won over Erik Lindh in the quarter final.

Besides in the final, DONIC star Jörgen didn’t give up any single set, and also in double competition it was only once a bit close. The 3:1 in the semi-final against the former first league player Wang Yansheng and Nicolai Poplla, the two Swedes named an anticipated final. In the final against Andreas Feyer-Konnert, also a long-time first league player and the Hungarian Sandor Varga, at the 3:0 it wasn’t difficult for them.

Seniors World Championships aren’t an official tournament of the world association ITTF, but Jörgen Persson was very pleased about his success though. Especially about the title in double competition, which had been his declared aim. Stellan Bengtsson, Singles World Champion 1971 and later Swedish National Coach, had pushed his compatriot Persson to start in Las Vegas. Bengtsson has lived in the Californian San Diego for a long time and helped with the organization of this seniors World Championship from the background. Upon his request Persson decided to take part, “but I wanted to play with Erik, as we had never been World Champion before.”

So that’s done now too, and thus there is only one big aim left for Jörgen Persson. 2008 at the Olympics in Beijing he had reached the semi-final at the age of 42, but had narrowly missed the medal he had longed for. “Now I hope for the introduction of the Olympics for veterans”, he announced laughing. “That’s my last chance to win an Olympic medal.“

DONIC booth at ISPO Munich 2018 (28th – 31st January 2018)

DONIC is again exhibitor at ISPO Munich - the world’s largest trade fair for sports equipment and fashion and presents its innovations and new collection 2018.

Booth no. 401 in hall C4




„Kiss the table“



Dimitrij Ovtcharov wanted to reach the podium and that’s already hard enough at the World Cup. Winning the World Cup, however, the 29-year old didn’t ever dare to dream of. And then: Winning over Kou Lei (Ukraine), Alexander Shibaev (Russia), Simon Gauzy (France) und Timo Boll (Germany), DONIC star Dima achieved one of his biggest triumphs in his career, maybe even his biggest success at all. As the fourth DONIC player after the three legendary Swedes Mikael Appelgren (1983), Jan-Ove Waldner (1990) and Jörgen Persson (1991) Ovtcharov now also belongs to winners of this traditional tournament. What it means for an European to win this tournament proves a view into the statistics: At the last eleven events before, there were ten Chinese players who had won it and the last European winner in 2009. Even the legends Waldner, Appelgren and Persson had won the World Cup only once each during their brilliant career.



“Even two days later it seems to be surreal and unbelievable”, announced the winner beaming. “I always belong a bit to the circle of the favorites, I’m always well seeded, but being able to experience that Ma Long congratulates me to the winning and to be at the top just as legends like Timo and Ma Long, that’s very special. I’m completely happy and proud and I still cannot believe it.”



With his outstanding performance and his unbeatable fighting spirit Dima has deserved this success. Against Kou Lei (Ukraine) he clearly won the opening, but in the quarter final already against the Russian Aleksander Shibaev the German fans started to tremble. Dima was 2:0 behind and had to defend against two set balls in the third round at 8:10. “Although I’m a strong fighter, of course it would have been more difficult if it had been 0:3”, he admitted afterwards. But DONIC star Dima won the match like he did so many years before in best Ovtarov-style: In the most threatening situation, being with his back to the wall, he played his best table tennis.



And like this he continued. 2:3 in the semi-final against Simon Gauzy, whom Ovtcharov attested: “He has become really good.” Dima had started the match with great respect – and, as he admitted, with a high level of adrenaline. As minutes before in the other semi-final Timo Boll managed the sensation to win over World Champion Ma Long. And of course, Dima raised the question: “Is there even more possible? But I’ve tried not to think about it.”


And he did it just good enough. With 11:8 in the decisive set he kept the French busy and thus made it perfect, what had never happened before in the 37 years of history of the World Cup: a German final. Also in this final the DONIC star was behind, after losing the first set with 6:8 in the second round. Later Boll said, for him it would have been important to lead 2:0 what would have been possible of course. I think, like this Dima doesn’t come back into the match.” However, you can only speculate as hardly any player world-wide had impressively proved the ability to come back into the game that often, however hopeless the situation seemed to be. It is a fact however, that Dima moved better, acted with more pressure and how he said himself and in the end, he was not only a tick fresher, but also a tick hotter.



For Dimitrij Ovtcharov it was a special place too, as at the World Cup 2017 in Lüttich they had played on tables of his equipment supplier: DONIC World Champion TC.


“On the DONIC tables I was already very close to the victory in 2013”, he says considering the World Cup four year ago, where he only narrowly had lost against the later winner Xu Xin in the semi-final. “And I also won the European Championships 2013 on DONIC tables. I’ve got one DONIC table at home in my parent’s house. That’s like playing on your living room table”, explained Dima and adds: “Of course, that has been an advantage for me, as I practice on DONIC tables most of the time, and think these are very good tables.”



DONIC star Dimitrij Ovtcharov has impressively taken advantage of that and wrote a piece of table tennis history by winning the World Cup. We from DONIC are proud to accompany Dima a bit on his way and congratulate him.






Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Timo Boll GER 4:2 (-10,8,7,-9,7,2)



Semi final


Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Simon Gauzy FRA 4:3 (-6,2,8,-10,-7,4,8)



Quarter final


Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Aleksander Shibaev RUS 4:3 (-9,-8,10,9,7,-10,7)



Round of the best sixteen


Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Kou Lei UKR 4:1 (4,5,11,-10,6)

The final would be a dream
Only the best players may start at the World Cup – and maximum two per nation. At the event which will take place from 20 to 22nd October in Liège/Belgium the German hopes are especially resting on the no. 2 of the seating list Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Dima became already twice third (2013 and 2015) at the prestigious event and has still good memories to the last World Cup in Belgium:” In 2013 I finally lost the semi-final against Xu Xin in a tough match while being ahead 3:2 in sets and 6:4 in the sixth being very near to the victory. In the end I took the bronze medal winning the play-off for third place against Timo Boll. I hope that in Liège I can be similarly successful or even better.”

This time Ovtcharov cannot meet Xu XI. The two qualified Chinese are Ma Long and Lin Gaoyuan. Timo Boll will also participate in Liège beside other strong competitors. Ovtcharov emphasizes: There are many very good players there. The final would be a dream. But one thing is certain: Ma Long is the clear favorite.”

At least the DONIC star feels fit and in good form. And in Liège he can rely on the table equipment. The Men’s World Cup is played on DONIC World Champion TC tables – only the best for the best.



Dima justified his role as the favourite



DONIC star Dimitrij Ovtcharov met his expectations at the Bulgaria Open. He justified his role as the favorite at this World Tour tournament with a prize money of 130.000 dollars. With the Russian Kirill Skachkov, one for the first round extremely strong opponent, the Swede Elias Ranefor, the Japanese Mizuki Oikawa who started for Königshofen in the TTBL, Nigeria’s star Quadri Arena and finally number 15 of the world ranking list Kenta Matsudaira, Ovtcharov won over all of them in Panagyurishte. In the semi-final against the African idol Arena Dima had to make up for being 1:3 behind. The fourth set he had only lost very unluckily. Three lucky balls in series of his opponent put him off his stride when he was leading 5:1 in the fourth round. Once more he proved that he can keep a clear head: “Afterwards I recalled my best table tennis and the three rounds afterwards I played very strongly”, he explained.



Also in round two against Elias Ranefor DONIC star Dima had to fight. In the first two sets he had serious return problems – ironically with the serve of the Swede whereof Ovtcharov had said before: ”He copies a bit my backhand serve.” Finally, however, even being 0:2 behind the fourth of the world ranking clearly won.



Very satisfied he presented himself after the final. “That was by far my best match of the tournament”, Ovtcharov said after his success over the Japanese Kenta Matsudaira. “This title gives me self-confidence for the next tasks. “And there will be a lot to do for the 28-year old: In September the European Team Championships in Luxembourg, in October the World Cup in Liège/Belgium and in December the World Tour Grand Finals in Astana/Kazachstan. With his success in Bulgaria, his third tournament victory at the World Tour in 2017, DONIC star Dima has already set an exclamation mark.




Ovtcharov‘s successes at the Bulgaria Open:



FinalOvtcharov – Kenta Matsudaira JPN 4:1 (-9,7,4,9,9)


Semi-finalDimitrij Ovtcharov – Quadri Aruna NGR 4:3 (6, -9,-8,-8,4,8,6)


Quarter finalDimitrij Ovtcharov – Mizuki Oikawa JPN 4:0 (6,0,0,0*)


*Oikawa gave up after the first set due to an injury.


Round of the best 16Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Elias Ranefor SWE 4:2 (-8,-8,6,2,8,9)


First roundDimitrij Ovtcharov – Kirill Skachkov RUS 4:2 (7,4,-7,-9,13,1)


Due to a 3:0 success in the final against Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Timo Boll won the NEW HORIZONS Masters 2017 in the Joachim Deckarm Halle in Saarbrücken/Germany where a lot of top class players had taken place.

Before Timo Boll had won the semi-final with 3:0 against Simon Gauzy (France) and Dimitrij Ovtcharov won with 3:1 against his national team mate Patrick Baum.

Thus, you gain self-confidence!

Dimitrij Ovtcharov has made it: With a 4:2 success in the final over Alexander Shibaev (Russia) the DONIC star won the Europe Top 16 – the third time in a row. The traditional Europe Top 12 has been hold 42 times from 1971 to 2012 and no other player has ever won it three times in a row. Ovtcharov won the last Top 12 in 2012 and now made the hat-trick at the follow-up event Europe Top 16.

“Very challenging” had that tournament been for him, especially as he wasn’t in top form at this event and until the end he had to fight with a hard cough. As number 6 of the world-ranking list, DONIC star Dima had started as the favorite, although the victory wasn’t naturally for him. “It seems that it’s possible to win against anybody there”, he explained. In theory that’s true, but in reality, it is different: Nearly nobody wins against a Dimitrij Ovtcharov. When pointing that out, the 28-year old replied grinning: “I’m just tough.”

He impressively proved that in Antibes. In the group matches he had to fight hard to win against Joao Monteiro (3:1), Simon Gauzy (3:2, after 0:2 behind) und Jonathan Groth (3:2). Afterwards there were gala performances against Stefan Fegerl (4:0) in the quarter final and Kou Lei (4:3) in the semi-final before there was the highly competitive match against Alexander Shibaev in the final. With his performance, Ovtcharov was also satisfied in the final, but not with his yield. “I’ve played very well, but actually I should have won 6:0”, he explained in view of the chances he had given away in the lost sets. Also in the sixth round, he attracted attention: After leading 10:3 Ovtcharov lost 5 points in series and with 8:10 Shibaev served again. “But the favorite kept a clear head. “He calmed down again”, said the sports director of the German Table Tennis Association, Richard Prause and added: “Dima is the number one in Europe, and made an exclamation mark here.”

After the Olympic Games, his best player needed a bit of time. We have to allow him this time”, says Prause. DONIC star Dima confirmed: “I’ve won six tournaments in a row in Europe and then looked for new goals.” Among them were thoughts how to organize his game. “I’ve tried to change my game for a long time and worked on my weaknesses”, explained Ovtcharov. For him, who takes over the table as many balls as possible with his backhand, this means to integrate a forehand flip in his game. However, these aren’t his own expectations anymore. Meanwhile, he has realized, he said: “I’m quite good just like I am. If I don’t make a lot of small mistakes and do my top spin game from both sides, it’s difficult to win against me.” That’s the motto he followed in Antibes and that’s his strategy for the future. “I want to concentrate on what I know best – and present that to the opponent.”

How that looks like when it works could be seen at Europe’s top 16. In an impressive manner, Europe’s number one dominated the continental competitors.

After winning the tournament they asked him what would be his most important aim in view of the individual World Championships which takes place in Düsseldorf. His answer:” Mental strength is the most important. Mental stability is my first aim.”

Considering his victory at the Europe Top 16, Dima Ovtcharov has already made an important step.

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